Atal Tinkering Lab

  1. DOCUMENTATION ASSISTANCE: Free documentation services in receiving Grant-in-Aid (opening bank account with core banking system, lab space layout and measurements, MOA, Bond and PFMS).
  2. COMPONENTS AND HARDWARE (All components): Best - in - class rapid prototyping tools, quality safety equipments and the best DIY Kits in line with Niti Aayog guidelines.
  3. LAB SETUP AND MAINTENANCE: From handling hardware to installing everything in your school premises, along with 3-year comprehensive AMC and consumables supply.
  4. TRAINING OF TRAINERS: across 3-6 sessions to acquaint teachers with content for students, future scope, industry scenario, self-learning tools and useful links, best online platforms, procedure to take students to notational and international competitions and also organize in-house training camps and interschool competitions.

Our Services


  • Free documentation services in receiving Grant-in-Aid (opening bank account with core banking system, lab space layout and measurements, MOA, Bond and PFMS).
  • Free documentation support for PFMS
  • Support for registration on GEM Portal and AIM ATL Portal


  • Free lab Layout design (Including proper ventilation, storage facility, power supply, basic infrastructure, additional facility like tinkering zone, video conferencing etc.)
  • Free flex banners, posters and editable graphics for creating an atmosphere of innovation in your ATL.
  • Delivery of all products and equipment on time. Support During ATL Setup
  • Free installation of ATL Equipment (3D Printing, Mechanical Tool Wall, Electronics Station, Robotics Station, Soldering Station, etc.) for creating perfect ATL ambience.
  • Installation & guidelines for using software (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printing slicing and 3D modelling software i.e. Cura and Tinker CAD, Electronics Designing) in ATL specific computer workstation.


  • 2 Years complete warranty at no additional charge for all ATL equipment including 3D printer as per NITI Aayog’s latest guidelines.
  • 3 Years AMC for all ATL equipment as per NITI Aayog’s latest guidelines.
  • Free 5 days training program and Demo student’s session at your school by our experienced trainer.
  • Lifetime in-house training support for teacher at Brain Calculus’ Centre. 
  • Monthly free visits to support teachers and students on any project for competition and lab maintenance.
  • Free ATL Lab specific yearlong curriculum designed by our expert trainers. 
  • Free online coursework IDs for 100 students on tinkering, electronics, programming, robotics and 3D printing.
  • Conducting periodic practical exams and submitting detailed evaluation and progress report. 24 X 7 Online/Phone support for any technical queries regarding ATL.
  • Free 500+ video and online tutorials for electronics, robotics, programming, and ATL equipment.
  • Regular ATL challenges to keep students engaged with ATL.
  • Guaranteed lifetime supply of all consumables and services regarding ATL.
  • Assistance for regional, national & International competitions conducted by NITI Aayog or any other organizations.
  • Creating school’s ATL Facebook page and helping them to manage It with the assistance of our social media experts.