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About Brain Calculus

Brain Calculus is a futuristic technology education vendor for STEM-oriented courses specially crafted for kids. Brain Calculus’s vision is to become # 1 technology education provider that broadens kids’ understanding of the emerging technologies that are shaping our future.

About Brain Calculus’s Five-level Technology Education Framework

Brain Calculus has designed a unique five-level curriculum framework to impact teaching under technology education. All levels are designed to suit children’s learning requirements, which includes audio-visual enabled teaching, teaching concepts and relevance, step-by-step coding lessons and kit-based hands-on activities.

How Does it Work?

Each child will be required to enroll and make payment online through Brain Calculus’s website. Once enrolled, the child will receive a unique login to access the course online, to the level the child has opted for. Each level has 25 lessons and each lesson runs for approximately 1 hour. Each child is expected to complete 2 lessons per week, and hence complete each level within 3 months of enrollment.

Center Specifications

  • The Center must be an educational or training center conducive for learning and suitable for small children needs.
  • It is preferred that the Center provide computers – either desktops or laptops – in working condition, with latest OS and system upgrades.
  • The Center must provide a high-bandwidth internet connectivity (WiFi) for students to access the course online
  • The Center must procure the educational robotic kits from Brain Calculus Private Limited only and not from any other vendor.
  • The Center must offer on an exclusive basis robotic education program from Brain Calculus Pvt Ltd only
  • The Center must have a dedicated manager or a contact person to facilitate the smooth functioning of the courses at the Center.
  • The Center manager or contact person will be trained by Brain Calculus through an online video session.
  • The Center must have all basic amenities, such as desks and seats, ventilated classroom, drinking water, clean toilets.

Presence & Credibility

  • The Center must have been operational in the locality for atleast 1 year.
  • The Center is expected to generate demand for the Brain Calculus’s courses by itself through existing social connects.
  • Brain Calculus Pvt Ltd will, however, complement through its marketing programs.
  • Brain Calculus Pvt Ltd will host the Center details in its website.
  • All prospects details for a specific locality will be passed onto the Center for further followup.

Enrollments & Payments

  • Students are expected to enroll and make payment online through Brain Calculus’s website
  • Brain Calculus Pvt Ltd will apply a standard fee for all enrollments in its website.
  • All enrollments will be routed only through Brain Calculus website and not through any other means.
  • Online registration will facilitate creation of unique user login, which is required to access the course
  • The Center must not collect fees directly from parents or students.
  • The refund will be made in accordance with the franchisee contact, before effecting the payment.
  • Payment to Center:
    • Tier 1 franchisee: 70% of the fee collected by Brain Calculus will be paid to the franchisee; 20% on enrolment and 50% on completion of the course.
    • Tier 2 & Tier 3 franchisee: 60% of the fee collected by Brain Calculus will be paid to the franchisee; 20% on enrolment and 40% on completion of the course.
  • Refund of the course: No refund of the course fee is entertained by Brain Calculus Pvt Ltd. However, on special cases if refund is applicable, the same will be refunded by Brain Calculus, and the same will be deducted from payables to the franchise.

Serving the Courses

  • Please note each student must complete the course within 3 months from the date of enrollment.
  • In the event of Center not providing computers, students are expected to bring their own laptops (Windows OS) for course access and coding activities
  • The Center may choose to closely monitor and track each enrollments and their completion statuses.
  • The Center must comply with all terms and conditions involving delivery of the course, that are outlined in the T&C legal document.
  • The Center must take all precautions to ensure safe upkeep of the educational robotic kits and its the sole responsibility of the center to maintain in working condition.
  • The educational robotic kits provided by Brain Calculus are new and in working condition. The Center must note that the kits are not protected by warranty or any return policy.
  • Unauthorized copying or recording or any other duplication of content or the course material will be strictly dealt with under copyrights and trademark act.

Choose the Right Package

Package Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Location Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata Any other city or major town in India
Description Dedicated learning space for Brain Calculus programs, with computers Existing learning centers Existing learning centers
Potential Reach 5000+ students 2000+ students 1000+ students
Percentage payout of course fee 70% 60% 60%
Number of kits provided 10 4 2
Marketing collateral provided 1 printed standee, 2 posters (A4, in pdf) and 2 pamphlets (in pdf) 2 posters (A4, in pdf) and 2 pamphlets (in pdf) 2 posters (A4, in pdf) and 2 pamphlets (in pdf)
Support for queries & trouble shooting Email & phone Email & phone Email & phone
Package fee Rs.50,000 Rs.25,000 Rs.15,000

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