STEM Education

Brain Calculus STEM Programs are complete Practical training models designed to help students become well versed with technology and Artificial Intelligence with the help of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Kits and become future ready. Our program has following courses:

1. Robotics & AI
2. 3D Printing & Designing
3. Scratch programming and Coding
4. Aerodynamics & Drone building

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STEM Programs

Duration of each level - 40 Hours

Electronics for kids

Brain Calculus’ Smart Circuits makes learning electronics easy and fun! All parts are mounted on plastic modules and snap together with ease. Students enjoy hours of educational fun while learning about electronics.

Age Group : 6+

Open circuit designing

Electronic and circuit designing course includes complete knowledge of basic electronics, use of electronic devices, use of electronics components etc.

Age Group : 11+

Mechano Junior

Introduction to Robotics, Gears and Gear Trains, Battery Connections and Mechanics & Assembly

Age Group : 9+

Mechano Senior

AMS Programming and Coding, application of Arduino and Artificial Intelligence

Age Group : 14+

Mechano Advance

Drone designing, Aerodynamics and 3D Printing

Age Group : 11+