Senior Mechano Kit

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  1. Designed for age group 12+
  2. It helps in understanding computer based programming  concepts like C,C++.
  3. Various projects like Line Follower Robot, Cellphone Controlled Robot, etc. can be designed.
  4. Comes with an interactive manual that contains step-by step instructions.
  5. Contains more than 50 parts.
  6. Multiple designs using single RobotriX kit.

Key Features :

  • Multiple design using the single RobotriX kit
  • Practically implementing science concepts.
  • Tutorial guid for parts assembly and logicalphysics concepts represented in an and innovative manner.
  • Programming concepts explained.


With the help of this kit you can design following projects:

  1. Line Follower
  2. Obstical Avoider
  3. Edge Avoider
  4. Mobile Control Robot
  5. Word Scolling on LCD
  6. Digital Clock
  7. Counter
  8. Displaying Numbers on SSD
  9. Traffic Light Pattern
  10. Switch Control of Motors
  11. LDR Controlled Light intensity and many more (mentioned in booklet)